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Location and Licenses

Our nursery is near the village of Brani Pole, close to the city of Plovdiv and in immediate proximity to Kuklen Road (see map). Our store is located after the intersection for the village of Belashtitsa in the direction of the town of Kuklen, 120 meters down the road, right next to Kuklen Road and the lumber warehouse.

The nursery was created in 1991 by Mr. Atanas Uzunov, a former professor at the Faculty of Horticulture at the Agricultural University of Plovdiv. That same year the nursery was certified by Order No 595 of 26 June 1991 issued by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry in accordance with the Seed Stock and Planting Stock Act in effect at the time. Subsequently, in 2005 the nursery was reregistered and entered into the Register of Producers and Sellers of Seeds and Rootstocks under Registration No 07ПЗТ0519 in accordance with the current legislation. The nursery has capacity and equipment for the production of more than 80 thousand trees. Our production has been steadily expanding as a result of increasing client orders.

As an expert with extensive experience, the owner of the nursery, Mr. Atanas Uzunov, often consults other businesses on the suitability of the soil and climate conditions for new orchards. Mr Uzunov also consults licensed firms on projects for orchards financed by the European Union.

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Last updated on 20 June 2013.
Attached are our registration and licensing documents.